When You Need a Company That Speaks “Engineer-ese”

Almost any serious-minded manufacturer in America knows what they’re doing when it comes to machining and assembly of parts and components for the industries they work for. It is one of the things that have set our country apart from a lot of international competitors for so many years. While times have changed, and other countries in the world have caught up with a lot of America’s manufacturing proficiency (in some cases even surpassing it), there’s still a recognizable qualitative “voice” that bespeaks what American manufacturing is all about: innovative, fast-thinking, reliable, and serviceable. We don’t simply build other peoples’ ideas; we help them improve their own. That’s what we’d like to believe American manufacturing is all about, and that’s the spirit we try and embody here at Exacto Spring.

There’s a technical expertise at Exacto Spring that other companies simply don’t have. While many companies in America know how to comply with a client’s order down to the last detail (we can do that too), we at Exacto Spring can confer on the highest technical level with those who have initiated a particular project. With a staff of six in-house specialty engineers, our company knows how to speak the complex language of “Engineer-ese” like few others can. Our technicians aren’t glorified sales reps with a bachelor’s in Science; they are living, breathing experts in their respective fields. Any time you feel like reaching out to a company that knows how to speak “Engineer-ese”, know that Exacto Spring can do just that.