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Extension springs absorb and store energy. When manufactured correctly, an extension spring will maximize the functionality and dependability of the end product, extending the return on investment and minimizing the long-term service needs of the end user. Extension springs are typically made of round wire and are close-wound to create tension. Extension springs are used in products like engines, appliances, and automotive interiors and exteriors. Exacto is everywhere you are.

If you need an extension spring that meets your specific product requirement, Exacto Spring is ready to serve. We will provide a custom, precision extension spring for whatever the need, within any tolerance the project demands.

Types of Ends:

  • Machine Loops
  • Extended Machine Loops
  • Crossover Center Loops
  • Hooks/Loops
  • Expanded or Reduced Eyes
  • Rectangular
  • Teardrop and Diamond Shape
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Custom Shape

Contact the experts here at Exacto Spring today for your custom,
precision extension spring needs.