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Compression springs are generally made of round wire, to the size and specifications of the application. However, Exacto Spring can also use square, rectangular, or special-section wire if a project calls for it. Compression springs are used in a wide array of products: from cellular phones, to switches, pressure relief valves, and buttons. Compression springs can be found in float control valves, fuel injectors, electronics, pumps, and aerosol cans. Exacto is everywhere you are.

If you are looking for a compression spring to meet your specific product requirement, Exacto Spring is your solution. We will provide you a custom, precision compression spring for your most complex project.

When it comes to compression springs, details matter and nobody delivers a more precise product than Exacto. An Exacto compression spring is guaranteed to be stress-relieved (heat-treated), removing formed stresses created by the coiling operation. You simply cannot afford anything less than the quality oversight and production of an Exacto compression spring. Contact us today with your specifications and we will begin the process of reviewing your design for both spring longevity and manufacturability.

Common Exacto compression spring shapes:

  • Helical
  • Conical
  • Concave (hourglass)
  • Convex (barrel)
  • Combination or above shapes
  • Custom shape

Contact the experts at Exacto Spring match your company with the right custom compression spring for its intended application today.