The Exacto Spring Campus located in Grafton, Wisconsin

Exacto Spring Campus

Incorporated in 1960, in Rockford, Illinois, Exacto Spring Corporation set out on a mission to provide the highest quality standards in both deliverables and customer relations. Four years after its inception, Exacto moved to Grafton, Wisconsin and built a 4,000 square foot building, located near several customers. Over the years, Exacto has expanded its facility and today covers nearly 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space including a fully equipped R&D and specialty service division, customer relations department, advanced engineering center, and much more. Today, you can count on us to assist in the engineering and manufacture of extremely high-tolerance springs and wireforms backed by unprecedented customer service. Our team will work as your partner to assist with your engineering process. You are the reason we remain committed to excellence.

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During the 1970’s, we grew into a prominent spring company serving all industries in the United States. Exacto nearly doubled in size in the early 1980’s when we exclusively made all the keyboard springs for the birth of IBM computers. The 1990’s took Exacto into the precision automotive market with extremely tight tolerance parts, and created a sector involving extensive military applications. In the 2000 era, we created Exacto Medical, where many of our manufactured parts play a vital role in the medical community and currently makes up almost a third of our total business.

Throughout the 2010’s, Exacto increased their capabilities in all sectors they serve and added to their impressive fleet of equipment, which is now over 250 pieces of the most modern spring and wire forming machinery. The Exacto campus also grew to four buildings, which produce thousands of part numbers for hundreds of customers. In 2020, we celebrated 60 years in business and Exacto continues to be family owned!

Exacto has customers in almost every state in the USA and customers in dozens of countries located throughout the world.

We look forward to working with you and having you become part of our history.

Greg Heitz, President

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-Exacto Spring in 1960.

-Exacto Spring in 1969, the first expansion.