MedDesignExacto Spring Corporation takes your client’s needs to heart. Here at Exacto, we place the highest priority on delivering an uncompromised level of quality. With our Quality First process, your custom spring project will be managed with the most advanced engineering capabilities. Our highly experienced and skilled engineers will work closely with you. Based on the requirements of every individual project, from application and function to exact specifications, we will provide you with the best possible spring and wireform solutions available. Exacto Spring Corporation is your choice manufacturer for the most demanding, high tolerance custom wire products.

At Exacto Spring Corporation, we know dependability is key. From automotive fuel system springs to steerable medical guide wires, we have the diversity and flexibility to fulfill your needs. Exacto’s cross-functional assessment team reviews every spring to assure both proper design and effective manufacturing techniques. This stringent review means that you get the custom products you require every time you need it.

We understand that manufacturing the part is only half of our responsibility. The other half is getting the part properly packed for transit, so it reaches you in the pristine condition you expect. Our sophisticated packaging systems are the final element in your complete, hassle-free care. Whether your product requires tubes, trays, tack board, cell packing, crates, or wires, we guarantee they will arrive unharmed and on time. If we do not already have the perfect packaging system for you, we will design one that fits.

Exacto has been the leader in spring and wire-product fabrication since we opened our doors in 1960 and we are eager to hear what we can do for you.

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