Exacto Spring Gives Back to its Community by Supporting Hometown Heroes

International turmoil and vendetta tend to have far reaching consequences resonating out through the years to follow, affecting hundreds of thousands of lives. The black day September 11th, 2001 was such an event of conspiracy and violence that triggered life altering changes all over the United States.

The families of the dedicated men and women of the US Military have perhaps paid the highest price. Estimates show that since 9/11, more than 5,000 children have lost a parent to the ongoing war against terrorism. These young ones grow up without the aegis of a beloved father or a loving mother, and they require a lot of grief counselling to move on with their lives. They need to connect emotionally with other individuals who can understand their pain and insecurities. Furthermore, the recent movie “American Sniper” has taken the country by storm and has given Americans an inside look in war.

This is where the revolutionary Camp Hometown Heroes in Wisconsin steps in. It is a week long summer camp for young individuals, between ages seven and seventeen, who have lost someone of significance serving in the US military. It is a profoundly national cause espoused by faces of renown like superstar athlete Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. The volunteers of Camp Hometown Heroes include considerate and responsible citizens from all over the nation who invest time and money to ensure that the bereaved young ones can cope with their loss, understand the significance of the sacrifice made by their parents and realize the fact that they can go on to have rewarding lives and careers.

It is a saga of positivity and catharsis that is shouldered by the paediatric counsellors from Kyle’s Korner and willing corporations eager to fulfil their social responsibility and be associated with an extremely patriotic charitable cause.

The Grand Slam Charity Jam is an event that raises funds for Camp Hometown Heroes and other charities of consequence. It is held annually and marks the culmination of the noble intentions of a clutch of companies sponsoring the Wisconsin visit for children from 22 states.

Exacto Spring Corporation such a name. One of the leading suppliers of high quality, durable springs to the US army, it has pledged to support 125 kids so that they can join Camp Hometown Heroes and become part of a community which understands them.

Given the place of honour as a Gold Sponsor at the Grand Slam Charity Jam event, Exacto prides itself on being a true supporter of the valiant of the country who regularly lay down their lives to protect the democracy and sovereignty of not only the nation, but the whole world!

To know more about Exacto Springs Corporation, please call 262.377.3970. To sponsor a camper, visit http://www.hometownheroes.org/donate/.