Exacto Spring: Bringing Quality Medical Solutions to MDM in the Twin Cities

mdmThe latest Medical Design and Manufacturing (referred to by anyone in the med-tech industry simply as MDM) expo will be held from October 30 – November 1 at the Twin Cities’ own Minneapolis Convention Center. Simply put, MDM is the most comprehensive and visionary overview of what lies in store for medical manufacturing in the coming months and years: the latest trends get covered, as so do the long-term paradigm shifts. Everything gets its time under the limelight, including the ways by which advanced cardiology and minimally invasive surgery are approached and practiced in North America and throughout the world as a whole.

With our extensive background in providing wire-form solutions for surgical processes including neurosurgery, cardiology, and minimally invasive surgery of all kinds, we at Exacto Spring are looking forward to meeting up with old friends and allies, as well as forging fresh business ties with a new generation of OEM medical manufacturers. Whether you’re a tier 1, 2, or 3 supplier, or whether you’re a Fortune 500 medical conglomerate, we’re looking forward to meeting you on the showroom floor. We’ll be exhibiting at Booth # 1141. See you there in the Twin Cities!