Exacto Makes Winter More Fun

Can you feel that bite in the air? After a long, hot summer, many parts of the country are only weeks away from real winter weather. A decent snowstorm already blanked parts of the northern Midwest in the first week of October, so we might be in for a long one.  Trust us, being located just north of Milwaukee makes us experts when it comes to winter! It also turns out that many of our precision springs and wire forms find their way into some of the recreational equipment that make the cold, dark winter months just a little bit more enjoyable. It’s not a surprise considering that we have been the go-to supplier of compression, torsion, and extension springs for almost any industry you can think of for over 50 years.

Here are some just a few of cold weather activities that we help make better:

Skiing:  Exacto supplies this multibillion-dollar industry with components for everything from equipment to resort supplies. Whether you are going downhill or cross-country, we just might have made your trip safer and more comfortable

Snowmobiles:  Almost 50,000 snowmobiles were sold in the US in 2012. We might not have springs in every single one, but we do our part.

Ice fishing: This is one of Exacto’s sweet spots since we are very involved in the fishing industry. If you’ve never had a chance to ice fish, you really should give it a try. It is a unique experience and one that just wouldn’t be the same without the right equipment!

So, as you head out with the family to have a little fun this winter, we hope that one of our springs or wireforms will add to your enjoyment.