Exacto: Already Helping You Prepare for Next Year’s Black Friday

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of retail workers like Black Friday. Historically it has been the major brick and mortar shopping day of the year. Millions of people line up and pour into America’s stores and malls to get their holiday shopping done, all at reduced prices. This year shoppers spent a mindboggling $11.2 billion at stores on Black Friday, which was actually 1.8% less than last year. The decline is misleading because what used to be one day of sales has now spread beyond the 24-hours that make up the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Interestingly enough, what is now an unofficial national holiday was once seen as a negative. Years ago, the term Black Friday first entered the lexicon as way of describing the “plague” that forced so many retail workers to call in sick the day after Thanksgiving. It then morphed into a description of the unpleasant and unwanted chaos that swarms of shoppers brought to shopping districts. Of course, once business saw the unbelievable money making potential of the day, they turned a negative into a positive and now they cheer on the barely contained chaos. It has gone from signifying a less deadly version of the Black Death to the day when stores start seeing black ink (or profits) on their ledgers.

At Exacto Spring, not only are we there on the shelves on that day – in TVs to washing machines and dishwashers, and even in furniture and toys – but it is also our year-long goal to keep manufactures and retailers of consumer products in the black always. We offer many different ways to keep our customers in the black including:

  • Automation
  • Special packaging and reliable delivery
  • High quality parts that are easy to assemble and are defect-free

All of our 150 employees are dedicated to serving your precision spring needs so you’ll be prepared for next year’s Black Friday!