2015 Christmas Party


The 2015 Exacto Party started with nearly 200 people in a packed and energetic theatre. We all hoped for a great football game on this gigantic 70 foot screen and huge theatre. Well, that did not happen and the first half was miserable, except for Annette Foat who won BOTH quarters in the pool and the others who won the raffles. As the evening went on, we started losing people due to working the next day, babysitters, and of course because of the game. By the 3rd quarter we were down to maybe 100 people as the game seemed out of reach. By the 4th, we dropped to roughly 50 with a few leaving every couple of minutes. By the last 2 minutes of the game, there were around 15 diehard Exacto party fans spread throughout the 290 person theatre to cheer on a miracle and it came true. We can thank this group, who stuck it out to the VERY end for this Packer win.

Thank you to Ryan Pintor for the photos!!

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