2013: The Year of the Car

Recently, Detroit’s Big Three unveiled their latest 2013 car, SUV, jeep, and pick-up truck models. While there are always the winners and losers in such a vast new array of vehicle platforms, the overall response is undeniably positive: a far-cry from just a few years ago, when pundits from America and from abroad were dismissing the American automotive industry as a has-been; a living fossil that was about to go the way of the ancient plants and dinosaurs that today comprise our fossil fuel.

But, as Mark Twain once quipped when confronted with his own obituary posted in The New York Journal, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”  The same can now – several years later – be said safely of the American auto industry: not only has it recovered, but it’s posting record quarterly profits both in America and abroad (China recently surpassed North America for being GM’s largest market). With new eco-friendly engine technology that rivals anything the Japanese have built, as well as new customization offerings that enable drivers to – in essence – “personalize” their own car more than ever before in the history of automobiles, Motown’s Finest are not only running victory laps for this year, but they’re predicting continued job growth, profit generation, and facility expansion for at least the next two years, and more than likely well beyond.

This news can only be a good thing for the folks here at Exacto Spring, seeing as our springs are to be found somewhere in almost any domestic vehicle platform you might care to name. From stem to stern (and in-between), our springs enable cars and trucks to perform any number of critical functions. Thanks to our springs, gas tanks don’t ignite in the event of a head-on collision (and air-bags remain safely fused within their containers in the event there isn’t a collision). Fuel management, air conditioning, seat functioning, cruise control, and valves all likewise depend upon our technology to hold them together.

We’re glad to see the American auto industry holding its own in 2012. We’re proud that our springs have played an integral part in – quite literally – “holding American industry together.” In celebration of this new flourishing of America’s auto industry, we’re going to dub this coming year, 2013, “the year of the car.” Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.