Looking Back at 2014 and a Look Ahead to our 55th Year

With our company heading into our 55th year of operation, we like to think that we’re not showing our age one bit. Nothing shows this better than our evolution in 2014. As a company, we grew greatly in skill and capacity, growth spurred on by our customers’ continued business and trust in us.

Increased Manufacturing Capabilities

Within the last year, we increased our workforce by 10%, bringing in more talent and capability. We updated our infrastructure, including major investments in new equipment – in fact; it was our biggest years ever for new equipment procurement, bringing in the latest spring-making machinery.

Using Technology to Succeed

Through the investment of capital in a new computer system, we have updated how we manage information and distribute it to customers. This provides for better record keeping and better customer service, as well as increased awareness of the big picture on our side.

Organic Growth

Through customer involvement and increasing our capabilities, we continue to grow. We have roughly 5,000 active part numbers, signifying competency in a variety of industries and applications. We have nearly 1,000 customers located in 20 countries, and we value each of them equally. We continue to see organic growth that we feel reflects our ability to produce quality springs for a variety of applications.

With our anniversary coming up in 2015, we plan on continued growth, and for another 55 years after that. We will continue to seek out new opportunities, in new industries, and prepare for the future. At Exacto Spring, we will always have improvement and innovation on our minds, and we look forward to working with you now and in the future.