Good Manufacturers Make Good Neighbors: Helping Build Our Community for 30 Years

It’s probably clear that we at Exacto take a significant amount of time in helping to further our local community. For instance, our charity work has already been a consistent feature of this blog. But now we think it’s high time we talked about one of the longest-running community building initiatives we’ve undertaken: the Exacto Foundation of Grafton, WI, a privately registered company that works in close conjunction with Exacto Spring, serving the interests of our employees, neighborhood, and greater community in the same way that our company services the needs and interests of precision medical, aerospace, and automotive clients throughout North America.

Going on 30 years, the Exacto Foundation provides several vital and relevant services for the community in and around Grafton. One such instance is how the Foundation grants scholarships to students at local high-schools in Grafton, Cedarburg, and Port Washington. These scholarships allow students the necessary time and materials to enhance their education, and explore possible careers in manufacturing. In addition, we work with these same high schools to deliver manufacturing programs as part of their curriculum, giving students the chance to learn about machining both in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, we have a fund allotted for five college-bound kids every year that helps them pay their tuition. While we enjoy providing this service to the children of those who directly work for our company, we certainly are not averse to giving these prized scholarships to those whom we think best deserve them  – whether they’re part of our Exacto family or not.

It’s always been our hope that these educational and economic development programs fill a vital niche for those who might otherwise be left behind in their pursuit of the American Dream. Being the long-standing precision manufacturers we are, we know full-well the time, labor, and investment required to turn something promising into something successful. In the end, it’s success that counts, and not potential. Our own hard work has paid off handsomely for ourselves, and by bestowing the fruits of our labor on others, we hope to inspire them to chart their own bold course in successful entrepreneurship and prosperity.