Announcing Our Sponsorship of Milwaukee’s Grand Slam Charity Jam!


What do Debbie Gibson, Trista and Ryan Sutter of Bachelorette fame, Naima Adedapo from American Idol, LeRoy Butler, Erica Hoyt, Grace Weber, former Miss America (and Broadway star) Kate Shindle, and live artist Shelby Keefe all have in common? The answer is fairly easy if you happen to hail from Greater Milwaukee.This March 10th, at the Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee, these stars gave it their all in support of Hometown Heroes, a volunteer non-profit organization that serves the needs of “children, families, first responders, and veterans in need” by providing direct financial assistance, emergency aid, and partnerships with scores of important social service organizations. It’s a way of supporting the firemen who put out our fires, the downtrodden and dispossessed who want to give their children a meaningful future, and the soldiers and marines who have sacrificed so much for our country in foreign wars.

As a proud, long-standing member of the Greater Milwaukee community, we at Exacto Spring felt it only fit and proper to help sponsor this charity event. By donating to Hometown Heroes, we can only hope that our contribution furthers the ideals of what our city and community have, at their very best, always stood for. The Grand Slam Charity Jam brought out the best of the best in Milwaukee, and we at Exacto hope to continue in that spirit throughout the course of this year.