American Manufacturing: Where Are We Today?

As American manufacturing is seeing a welcomed comeback, and national MFG Day is right around the corner (October 4, 2013), it’s as important as ever to celebrate this day of industry recognition and help keep the momentum going. According to the sponsors of the event, this day “provides manufacturers with an opportunity to tell their company’s story, dispel outdated myths about manufacturing, inspire a new generation of manufacturers, and connect with their communities.”

Today’s state of American manufacturing is luckily a different story than it was in recent times. In fact, August’s factory production rates were at their highest in over two years. According to this article, major companies throughout the country are “re-shoring and American entrepreneurship is growing in leaps and bounds thanks to more affordable tools, like laser cutting, 3-D printing and even robotics. It’s a great time to be a maker or entrepreneur.”

Thanks to a general mindset of bringing manufacturing back, coupled with the overall attractiveness of manufacturing in the U.S., reshoring is bringing business back home, and the pace seems to be steady. Many don’t want to go overseas to do business anymore, and the hope is that as this trend continues, the pace will go from steady to heavy.

Accordingly, many American companies are getting involved in their communities and local schools and universities, providing information about the value of careers in manufacturing. As there is a worry over the current skilled labor shortage, companies—and events such as MFG Day—are working to combat the problem by attracting younger generations and getting them excited about the industry.

At Exacto Spring, not only are we proud to be an American manufacturer, but we’re actively involved in the focus on manufacturing’s return. Specifically, we are involved in many local programs, such as our partnership with GPS Education Partners, that work with students. The goal is to get students involved and interested in manufacturing at a young age in the hope they will consider future careers and opportunities in the industry. As American manufacturers, we understand the importance of manufacturing in our economy, as well as bridging the skills gap. Additionally, we offer two-year apprenticeships that provide students with an overview of manufacturing skills, though specifically in spring making techniques. We are proud to be American manufacturers and we certainly hope to continue the trend for future generations.

Manufacturing might not be exactly what it used to be, but with ingenuity, innovation, and education, we can all help make it better than ever.